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The PS will call on the Prime Minister, António Costa, to testify in writing to the Tancos swindler's inquiry committee, and wants to hear former Attorney General Joana Marques Vidal, among dozens of personalities.

In the request sent to the chairman of the inquiry commission, to which Lusa had access, the coordinator of the MPs, Ascenso Simões, proposed an extensive list of personalities to be heard, among them the Prime Minister, António Costa, must do "in writing", prerogative of which the prime ministers enjoy, if they prefer it.

The parliamentary inquiries system provides that the President of the Republic, the former Presidents of the Republic, the President and former Presidents of the Assembly of the Republic, as well as the Prime Minister and the former Prime Ministers, enjoy this prerogative "if "and shall refer" to the commission, within 10 days of being notified, "a statement on honor, reporting what they know about the facts indicated."

Former Attorney General Joana Marques Vidal is on the list of proposed hearings, such as former defense ministers Aguiar-Branco and Azeredo Lopes and their cabinet chiefs from January 2014 until today.

The Chiefs of the Army Staff from 2014 until today, successively Carlos Jerónimo, Rovisco Duarte, and Nunes da Fonseca, and the General Staff of the Armed Forces since the same date, General Pina Monteiro and Admiral Silva Ribeiro, will also be called .

The former military judge and former director of Military Judiciary Colonel Gil Prata, the former director of the Military Judiciary Police (PJM), Luís Vieira, and former PJM spokesman Vasco Brazão, both accused in the process that investigated the appearance of the military material, and the current leaders, Paulo Isabel and Donato Hélder, are also called by the PS.

Still in the area of ​​Justice, the PS proposes to listen to the heads of the investigation teams of the Judiciary Police that deal with the Tancos processes.

The commanders of the unit where theft occurred, Land Force commanders and Army Logistics commanders, also since January 2014, the former and current GNR Commander-in-chief, Secretary General of the Internal Security System, Helena Fazenda, and the secretary general of the Information System of the Portuguese Republic, Graça Mira Gomes, and his predecessor, Júlio Pereira, are the other personalities that the Socialists want to hear on the commission of inquiry.

The coordinator of the MPs of the PS also proposes that the commission requests the disciplinary processes that the army has installed several soldiers responsible for the surveillance of the storerooms of Tancos, the most serious of which resulted in a penalty of prohibition to leave the barracks for a few days. The PS requests all documents of the Army "related to the safety of the storerooms", as well as the documentation in the Ministry of National Defense "on everything that refers to Tancos" after January 2014.

The PS requests access to all recordings of the hearings in the Assembly of the Republic on the Tancos process and all documents that "are not classified or have not been considered in a fair and secret manner".

The documents that the Attorney General's Office sent to the National Defense Committee about the Tancos proceeding are not included in the request, and that the PCP, PS and BE defend that they should be returned.

The commission of inquiry into the theft of military equipment from the Tancos warehouses began work on November 14, and aims to "identify and evaluate the acts, acts and omissions" of the Government "related directly or indirectly to the theft of weapons in Tancos, "from June 2017, the date of the robbery, to the present, and" to ascertain the political responsibilities ensuing therefrom. "

The theft of military equipment, including grenades, explosives and ammunition, from the Tancos warehouses was reported on June 29, 2017.

In September, the Public Prosecutor's investigation into the recovery of the stolen material, called Operation Húbris, led to the arrest for interrogation of military personnel of the Military Judicial Police and the GNR and it was at that time that the CDS announced the commission of inquiry, approved only with abstention the PCP and the ENP.

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