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BE against relocation of the RTP delegation to the Penha campus - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

The Faro political commission of the PS defended that a "transparent and balanced" solution to the issue of the RTP delegation in the Algarve capital is to maintain the current building and allow urbanization on the adjacent land.

"The transparent and balanced solution that will safeguard the general interest and that of the public company in terms of assets and its informative function will be to include there the exchange of spaces with the rehabilitation and construction in the global index to urbanize in favor of RTP, by a potential acquirer and private investor in consultation, effectively open to the market, "said the socialist structure, led by Paulo Neves, in a statement.

Recall, according to recent news, RTP's board is considering the alienation of its delegation in the Algarve capital – building and adjacent land – and a possible change of public television and radio space to the campus of Penha of the University of Algarve, which has already motivated requests to the government of the parliamentary groups of CDU and BE.

Refusing to interfere in RTP's decision to want to monetize its assets, the PS supports the regeneration of that urban space, in the area of ​​Senhora da Saúde – including green equipment and public parking -, "as long as it guarantees and integrates the function of interest public that was the basis of its initial assignment by the municipality of Faro, "for the activities of social communication, transmission and content production.

The socialists claim that the Regional Radio and Television Center of Portugal, its production activity and its 14 workers – in the 80's of the last century reached half a hundred – should be "valued," adding that the process would also allow " to properly reclaim the Lusa delegation – News Agency of Portugal in the Algarve ".

"We will always and only in favor of actions that lead to the strengthening of means and the independence and reinvestment of local and regional public news activity," concludes the PS / Faro in the communiqué, approved at a plenary meeting on June 11.



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