PS / Faro says that municipal executive "is only going to see the opportunities pass" – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Municipal Day for Equality to be marked in Faro - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The municipal commission of the PS of Faro criticized today the municipal executive led by Rogério Bacalhau because, in his view, "he is only watching the opportunities pass and complaining about what he does not do."

Socialists point out that, since the current president took office, the chamber has already raised more than 30 million euros in contributions from citizens, but that strategy is lacking to seize this money.

"The right wing already has 11 years of power in Faro, it should already know the dossiers, have a vision of the future, plan and allocate these new media to this strategy, if there was," said the statement led by Paulo Neves .

The PS stresses that the autarchy has been "towing" of the government in subjects such as the riverside front, the new bridge for the beach of Faro and the start of the Technological Polo of the Algarve.

"It does not show work and loses opportunities, enshrouding itself in small interests and protagonisms of circumstance, besides being victimized by interposed entity. They lack vision and lack courage, "added the Socialists, stressing that the" plot "created by the executive" is even greater than the army of contractors to praise the pride of small local power. "

"The Faro Chamber becomes a drain of new revenues and expenses are increasingly a broken bag without being at the service of the future of the regional capital and we continue to see opportunities pass, being actors of a smaller play, or many events which add notoriety. Sadly, this is it. But we will not forget to add that "the king goes naked", concludes the PS / Faro.



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