PS militant teachers or sympathizers appeal to Costa to reopen negotiations with unions – The Economic Journal

PS militant teachers or sympathizers appeal to Costa to reopen negotiations with unions - The Economic Journal

A group of four dozen teachers who claim to be militants and sympathizers of the PS wrote an open letter to the prime minister asking for the resumption of negotiations on the count of time of service for the purpose of salary updating.

"Subscribers directly appeal to the PS leader and prime minister to resume trade negotiations as soon as possible with a view to finding a compromise that safeguards the interests of a strong and democratic Public School with motivated and qualified teachers, a professional career valued, respecting the Teaching Career Statute, by the State Budget Law of 2018 and consistent with Resolution 1/2018 of the Republic Assembly approved by the PS and by the forces of the left in the parliament, that advise the Government to recover integrally the time of service of Portuguese teachers, without what is signaled an absurd political incoherence and dishonesty, "reads the document.

Of the group of 27 militants and 13 socialist sympathizers, the most publicly known element is Ricardo Gonçalves, professor of Philosophy and former deputy and supporter of António José Seguro in the primaries of 2014 against António Costa.

These Portuguese professors claim to know well "the economic and budgetary contingencies of the country" and, because of this, "is that they have repeatedly expressed their willingness to negotiate the deadlines and ways of recovering their time of service, effectively rendered.

"What they can not accept is that under the mantle of a moralistic prudentialism they are obliged to subscribe to the logics and austerity decisions inherited from the right-wing governments and the actual destruction of their professional career, with the inevitable consequences of proletarianization, de-luxuryism and effective contempt of quality of public school and education, "they said in the text.

The government approved a decree on Thursday that defines that teachers will recover two years, nine months and 18 days of service time, but teachers require a nine-year, four-month and two-day recovery time. frozen service.

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