“PS remains highly permeable to economic interests” – The Economic Journal

André Silva argues that the government solution found by the PS, PCP, PEV and BE was beneficial to the appreciation of the proposals presented by the PAN. The MP argues that greater plurality means greater "humility" in governance and greater ability to listen and underlines the importance of halting an eventual absolute majority of the PS. He does not forget the difficulties of being a single Member and expects to have a parliamentary group.

What added value has the PAN brought to Parliament?
One of the advantages that the NAP has brought to Portuguese politics is that it has been able to empower and dignify the environmentalist political field, which until now did not exist and was not the priority of any party with parliamentary representation. We have worked and will continue to work to bring about change, however small, rather than being in a sterile opposing role and just because.

As the only member of the NAP, was it easy for you to keep up with parliamentary activity?
No. It was a huge challenge, but I couldn't keep up. I had moments of frustration when I wanted to follow up on topics I couldn't. First of all, because we had a limited mandate, little resources and very little time to make our own debates. We took advantage of the regimental constraints in terms of the debates we can participate in, and made use of the rules they gave us. The PAN could not do anything or less what it wanted. We did what they left us.

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