PS strongly urges consensus on leasing and assumes disagreement with PCP – Jornal Econômico

PS strongly urges consensus on leasing and assumes disagreement with PCP - Jornal Econômico

The PS today made a strong appeal for a consensus on the government's diplomas on leasing regulations and incentives, saying that the situation is "distressing" and that "urgent" responses are required.

This position was transmitted in a press conference, in the Assembly of the Republic, in Lisbon, by the vice-president of the socialist bench João Torres.

João Torres, a former JS leader, said that the PS called for the postponement of the votes that were planned for today within the (parliamentary) working group of urban housing and city policies.

The request for the postponement of votes on Tuesday was due to the lack of political consensus regarding all the Government's diplomas on the rental market.

During the press conference, João Torres said that the first priority of the socialists was through dialogue with their left partners (BE, PCP and PEV).

However, according to the 'deputy' of the PS Parliamentary Group, the communist party expressed against a considered central aspect to increase the supply in the market of lease: the granting of fiscal benefits to the owners, namely the liberation fee exemption (28%) if they put their homes to rent 20% below the median prices practiced in the area where the property is located.

"The PS Parliamentary Group never engaged in any dialogue with political forces, always giving preference to the left-wing dialogue within the parliamentary framework. The issue of housing is distressing and, in this sense, we are available, as we have always been, to make the dialogue as broad as possible, so that the changes to operate in the rental market are felt as soon as possible in the daily lives of families Portuguese, "he explained.

In an indirect message mainly addressed to the PSD, João Torres said that "if the situation involves a dialogue with other political forces, other than the PCP or the Left Bloc, the PS is available to interact with all."

"It is important for each parliamentary group to shoulder its responsibilities. Each parliamentary group must be aware that if this is a missed opportunity [do ponto de vista político], the loss will be for the Portuguese, "he added.

The PS called for a postponement of the vote on the proposals on the legislative package on housing, which began today, but the process will be concluded before the approval of the State Budget (OE), said MP Helena Roseta.

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