PSD accuses Government of having privileged “unjustified cohesive apparatus” in drivers' strike – Jornal Económico

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) accuses the Government of having privileged the “disproportionate exercise of authority” and the “unjustified cohesive apparatus” in the drivers strike. Social Democratic Vice-President David Justino believes that Antonio Costa's executive dramatized the consequences of the strike and was “irresponsible” for the way he fed the problem.

“The Government, instead of using all the instruments that could reestablish the dialogue between the parties, privileged the disproportionate exercise of authority, the demonstration of force with an unjustified cohesive apparatus and the attempt to humiliate workers and union leaders so that it could later claim victory, ”said Vice President David Justino.

David Justino says the government has shown "irresponsibility for the way it has fueled the escalation of conflict radicalization" and "excesses in the exercise of state authority." The vice-president of the PSD also adds that this position of the prime minister, António Costa, “is not unaware of the current political-electoral conjuncture”, considering that only one month is left for the legislative elections.

"While pretending to mediate the conflict, the Government gave every sign that it was available and willing to enter the conflict," said David Justino, saying that "the Government that should be the solution is now part of the problem" and may worsen. the current strike situation.

The PSD considers that the Government should be concerned about the “real conditions of drivers' professional activity”, namely the excessive hours they are subjected to, the lack of road safety conditions and the alleged tax irregularities of some transport companies.

“The PSD advises the Government to devote all its resources to re-establishing negotiations, even if it is necessary to suspend the civil request and provided that the irreducible positions of the unions and employers' representatives can be overcome, namely by suspending the strike and by negotiating without preconditions ”, he concludes.

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