PSD calls for debate in RA invoking “suspected Prime Minister's connivance” – Jornal Económico

In an application addressed to Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, the PSD parliamentary group writes that “the accusation made in the scope of the Tancos process directly affects a former member of the current Government, highlighting the existence of extremely serious conduct in the exercise of these political functions. they clash with the commitment given to all Portuguese to perform the duties entrusted to them with loyalty ”.

“It is hardly believable that the former Minister of National Defense [Azeredo Lopes] he did not articulate, in this process, with the highest government official, when it is public that he did so with a deputy from the PS, which raises the suspicion of the connivance of the prime minister, ”the Social Democrats add.

According to the PSD, “Not only was the Assembly of the Republic denied information within the scope of its Government oversight competence with regard to the Tancos process, but this sovereign body was inebriated by the Government with information, within this process, that do not correspond in the slightest to reality ”.

The PSD argues that "it is urgent to restore the credibility of the institutions – Government and Assembly of the Republic – and democratic normality, which requires a meeting of the Permanent Commission to discuss this issue."

To this end, he asks Ferro Rodrigues “to hold, as a matter of urgency, an extraordinary meeting of the Conference of Leaders”.

The Standing Committee functions outside the effective period of the Assembly of the Republic, with a composition proportional to the representativeness of the parliamentary groups.

PSD President Rui Rio had already announced on Friday that his party would call for the convening of the Permanent Commission of the Assembly of the Republic, following disclosure of the prosecution charge in the case of Tancos.

In the document addressed to the President of the Assembly of the Republic, dated today, the Social Democrats argue that “even if there was no articulation” between the former Minister of National Defense and the Prime Minister, “this sets a situation equally serious, as it means that a member of the Government does not warn the chief executive about extremely serious situations in his ministry. ”

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