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The PSD announced today in the parliament a withdrawal in its proposal on the count of the time of service of the teachers, removing the rule that it had to count already this year more than two years to all the teachers.

The Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science is now discussing and voting on proposals to amend the parties to the Government's decree regarding the count of time of service frozen to teachers, which parties, with the exception of the PS, consider that they are nine years, four months and two days.

The proposals put forward by PSD, CDS-PP, Left Block, PCP and Greens agreed on one aspect: the partial count proposed by the Government's decree, already in force, which returns only two years, nine months and 18 days, would be made in full for all teachers with effect on January 1, 2019, and not at the time of the next career progression, as the Government intended.

Mrs Margarida Mano of the PSD announced that after the clarification of the finance minister, Mário Centeno, on Tuesday in the same committee, the parliamentary group will present a proposal to change in order to avoid a possible violation of the so- which prevents the Assembly of the Republic from legislating for an increase in the expenditure provided for in the approved State Budget.

According to Mário Centeno, only the budget availability of 20 million euros for this year, for the partial counting of the time of service for teachers covered in the model approved by the Government, Margarida Mano said that the Government "Has a formal right not to accommodate" the increase of EUR 196 million in expenditure if the amendment proposal on all amendments tabled by the parties, which anticipated the total count for the two years, was applied, nine months and 18 days to January 2019.

"In this regard, we will make a proposal to change so that, without calling into question our proposal, it will not violate the financial impact", said Margarida Mano.

The parties, however, expressed the understanding that the total time to recover is nine years, four months and two days.

The commission's session is being accompanied in Parliament by a delegation of trade unionists, among them the Secretary-General of the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof), Mário Nogueira.

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