PSD leader says lobo law "solved nothing" – The Economic Journal

The PSD president said Saturday that the law intended to regulate lobbying in Portugal, which was vetoed by the President of the Republic, "created bureaucracy and did not solve anything."

Rui Rio, who participated in the 45th anniversary celebration of the JSD held in Trofa, in the Porto district, was asked to comment on the decision of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and showed some indifference to the way the law was designed.

"It was not a law to regulate the lobby, but to impose a record of the meetings that deputies, mayors or councilors have with unions or association leaders. The PSD considered that this does not do good or harm, only creates bureaucracy and does not regulate anything concrete, "said Rui Rio.

The leader of the PSD recalled that his party had opted for abstention in the approval of the diploma in the Assembly of the Republic, considering that it is necessary to "go further" in the fight for transparency.

"When we want to fight against corruption and compadrio we have to try to create a legal framework that really does it, not one that gives the image of fighting. I feel that society wants this, and we have to find more effective legislation, "said Rui Rio.

The social democratic leader also considered that "to be making legislation on the elections is to pull demagoguery."

"I think it wiser to wait for the elections, and then the whole Assembly of the Republic, calmly and carefully, and if so, make a law. It is negative to do so in this pre-campaign period, "said Rui Rio.

The PSD president also showed some indifference to some polls on the upcoming legislative elections on 6 October, which saw an expressive PSD win and a drop in PSD voting.

"I do not comment on polls when we go ahead or behind. It does not change my way of doing politics. We must continue to follow our determinations and proposals, "said Rui Rio.

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