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The spokesman of the PSD National Strategic Council for Public Finance said Monday to Lusa that Professor Alvaro Almeida is available to discuss with Mario Centeno, who demands to do so with a candidate for deputy.

“If Dr. Mário Centeno thinks he should not debate with me, then come discuss with Professor Álvaro Almeida, who was co-author of the economic program. [do PSD] and is therefore as comfortable to discuss the economic plan of the PSD as I am and is, in fact, a candidate for PSD deputy in Porto, ”Joaquim Miranda Sarmento said in an interview with Lusa today.

The national PSD campaign representative also explained that the party “had two authors or two co-authors of the economic program”, who were himself and Professor Álvaro Almeida, from the Faculty of Economics of Porto.

“Minister Mário Centeno says he only debates with candidates and therefore even challenged Dr. Rui Rio for a debate. [Mário Centeno] he does not debate me directly, nor did he have to, but he says he does not debate me, and the reason is that I am not a candidate for deputy, ”he said in the interview to be published in full on Wednesday.

“Professor Álvaro Almeida is a candidate for deputy. I believe it is the seventh or eighth of the list by Porto and Dr. Mário Centeno I think it is the fifth of the list by Lisbon. So we remain open to discussing the two economic programs, ”he added.

Minister Mario Centeno, a candidate for PS deputy, was available today to discuss with PSD president Rui Rio or with a PSD deputy candidate the macroeconomic forecasts of the electoral programs of the two parties.

"If there is any candidate for PSD deputy, particularly Dr. Rui Rio, who wants to discuss these issues with me, I will have no difficulty in doing so," Mário Centeno told reporters at PS headquarters in Rato Square, in Lisbon.

Despite being open to discussing the programs with Rui Rio, Mário Centeno stated that he was “the opposite of the fullness of politics at any time and at any time”.

The public debate "should not be fulanized, unlike what it turned out to be for those who actually have no project to present."

Last Thursday, Mário Centeno had not been open to discussing macroeconomic programs with Joaquim Sarmento, one of the PSD's program and economic officers.

“We are in an electoral process, we had debates between the leaders of each party. This is the debate that is expected to exist in an election. All others are made between list heads and candidates for deputies. I don't think this is the debate we're talking about, so it's not quite an election debate, ”said Mário Centeno on Thursday, on the sidelines of a meeting with businessmen at Nerlei – Leiria Business Association.

PSD President Rui Rio had challenged Finance Minister Mário Centeno last Tuesday to agree to discuss with his finance spokesman, Joaquim Sarmento, the accounts and economic models of both parties.

Today, Mário Centeno said that "leaders debate with leaders, candidates debate with candidates."

Already on Sunday, regarding the “great confusion” between Mário Centeno minister and Mário Centeno candidate for deputy, Rui Rio stated that Centeno “takes great advantage of the fact that he is Finance Minister to make interventions that are more proper to who he is. candidate for deputy, as he is, in this case by the Lisbon circle ”.

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