PSD Notables Sign Petition to Strengthen Rui Rio's Leadership – Jornal Económico

Although there are social democrats who argue that “new protagonists” are needed in the Social Democratic Party (PSD), some are also trying to convince current leader Rui Rio to re-apply for direct rights. The petition "We want Rui Rio as leader of the PPD / PSD" argues that "there is no one with more legitimacy than Rui Rio today" to be leader of the PSD and has already been signed by several notables of the party.

“Rui Rio is a different politician, besides the attributes of integrity and honesty, has a predisposition to serve Portugal. There is no one with more legitimacy than Rui Rio today to lead the PSD, ”reads the public petition, which was circulated online.

The petition already has more than 1,500 subscribers, including party vice-president David Justino, parliamentary leader Fernando Negrão, former militant and former vice-president António Capucho and former mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia Luís Filipe Menezes, advanced the 'News' newspaper on Thursday.

The text of the petition also says that there are "immense reasons for Rui Rio to remain as leader of the PSD". “In the last European elections, which were 5 months ago, the PSD had a 6% recovery with Rui Rio leading over previous results. Regarding competition, the PSD has a serious problem with national dimension and there is currently no other figure worth more in the country than Rui Rio, ”reads the document.

The petition's subscribers also subscribe that “the PSD cannot continue to have a lagged bench” from the party leader “nor can it continue to have a party leader who is not a deputy”. "A new leader of the PSD would be dissatisfied with the deputies chosen by Rui Rio and this would allow Antonio Costa to continue his chamber to rub his hands happily," they explain.

“The reality is that the PSD has in fact endured itself in the last legislatures, despite all the obstacles and detrimental situations that it has succeeded, and has stood up against everything and against all expectations. And this merit is due to Rui Rio ”, underline the subscribers of the document.

Former PSD parliamentary leader Luis Montenegro has already announced that he is a candidate for PSD rights and launched the challenge to Rui Rio to go to the vote, as a matter of “clarifying his political stance and his project for civic and social intervention. in the country". "Rui Rio has an obligation to assume his responsibilities for the result that led the PSD," he said in an interview with SIC.

Miguel Pinto Luz, vice-mayor of Cascais, and Miguel Morgado, former advisor to Pedro Passos Coelho, as JE learns, are also preparing to move forward in the race to succeed Rui Rio. Both are measuring internal support and should formalize applications in the coming days.

In the legislatures of this Sunday, the PSD had 27.90% of the votes, the lowest percentage of the last 20 years, and could not elect any deputy by the three constituencies of Alentejo. For the PSD parliamentary bench are elected 77 deputies, but this can still increase, considering that the votes still remain to be counted by the two emigration circles (Europe and Outside Europe).

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