PSD proposes to relocate relevant public services outside major cities – O Jornal Económico

The document, which will be voted on tonight by the party's National Council in Guimarães, Braga district, states that despite the huge leap in economic development in the country in recent decades, “territorial imbalances continue to widen, with many regions losing population, social dynamism and economic activity ”.

In the chapter on decentralization, it reads that “the PSD is not resigned to helplessly watching this tendency” of abandonment of the territory, where people “leave because there are no opportunities, and because they leave, the opportunities are reduced even more to those who stay ”.

Thus, the party proposes for 2022 “a stabilized framework of the regime of attributions and competences with a financial regime appropriate to the times”. To favor the interior, a cohesion factor should be created that compensates and stimulates territories with fewer opportunities.

"The PSD will implement a deconcentration program that will progressively relocate some relevant public services out of metropolitan areas," the document states.

The party also undertakes to open to the Portuguese society the public discussion about the territorial reorganization of the state, helping to correct the territorial disparities. Another proposal considered a priority aims to “reduce the profusion and current confusion of territorial partitions that the country presents”.

The PSD electoral program was approved today by the National Political Commission, which ended after 21:00, and is due to be voted on tonight by the National Council, as will the lists of candidates for deputies to the October 6 legislatures.

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