PSD questions government on 'bonus' to SCML provider on home income – The Economic Journal

PSD questions government on 'bonus' to SCML provider on home income - The Economic Journal

The provider of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) has a house leased to the entity itself, with a 10% discount on the price, a benefit that is allegedly attributed to all employees. The T4, located in Alameda D. Afonso Henriques and rented in May last year, is for the monthly value of 1,620 euros. Edmundo Martinho has already publicly signaled that it is a common situation for SCML workers, but PSD now questions the Executive: "What will the Ministry of Labor, Solidarity and Social Security do to put an end to this situation?"

The question, which was received in Parliament at the end of last week, was addressed to Minister Vieira da Silva, after the Sol newspaper reported on March 31 that the Santa Casa provider lives in a house rented to Santa Casa itself and with a attention in the price a discount of 10%, which is normally assigned to employees, in Alameda D. Afonso Henriques T4, rented on May 1 last year, and that is for a monthly value of 1,620 euros.

In a question sent to Minister Vieira da Silva, MEPs Fernando Negrao, Adão Silva and Clara Marques Mendes emphasize that this is an "incomprehensible situation", since it concerns the lease of "a house belonging to the entity to which [Edmundo Martinho] preside ".

PSD MPs even say that "there is clearly in this situation a question of lack of common sense and lack of modesty". And they question, therefore, the guardianship if they are aware of the situation and if it is a habitual situation, as publicly mentioned the provider of the SCML. Vieira da Silva also questioned whether "it will end this situation".

Speaking to Sol newspaper, Edmundo Martinho, the provider of the Santa Casa de Lisboa, confirmed that he lives in a leased house that is owned by the secular organization, but ensures that he pays the price charged in the real estate market. When confronted with receiving the discount, he explains that "this is a 10% discount that all the people who work here have, I have no particular situation."

Although SCML confirms that this is a normal situation for employees, the Sun has reported that it is discussed internally whether these benefits should be applied to the administrative table.

"Contrary to what is said, Santa Casa real estate is leased to the market price, just consult the website of the institution to obtain the necessary information regarding the availability of houses. If an employee of the institution, whatever it may be, shows interest in renting one of these properties, it can do so under market conditions, benefiting from a 10 percent discount, "SCML said, adding that there are currently 30 employees who have contracts with the institution, including the provider.

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