PSD recandidata deputy Carlos Peixoto by Guarda – The Economic Journal

The current president of the PSD District Political Commission of Guarda was chosen by the party's president, Rui Rio, to return to lead the list by the district.

It is the third time that the 51-year-old social-democratic lawyer, born in Gouveia, is head of the Guard, assuming the role of deputy in the Assembly of the Republic (AR) since 2009.

Carlos Peixoto told Lusa today that it is his intention to "work to obtain the best possible result" for the PSD.

"For any party, the best possible outcome is to win, and preferably by a lot. Our goal is to make this best possible result. We want to win. Whether we are going to succeed or not, the electorate is sovereign and always has the supreme power to decide who it is that thinks it should represent its aspirations in the RA, "he said.

As a deputy since 2009, the Social Democrat candidate assumes that the experience he has is an asset to the Guarda district.

"What I take is an accumulated experience that can be very important for the district and, at the moment, there is already a deep knowledge of the rules of the Assembly [da República] and how the district can be strengthened in terms of voice and strategy to the Assembly of the Republic, to the Government and to the country, "he said.

Carlos Peixoto also said that in the next legislature, if elected, one of the combats he will fight is "to try to change the Electoral Law so that the method of representation of Members in the HR is changed, so that there is compensation for the territories of the interior ", as is the case of Guarda.

In 2015, the PSD / CDS-PP coalition obtained 45.59% of the vote in the district of Guarda, electing two deputies: Carlos Peixoto and Ângela Guerra.

The PS, with 33.78% of the votes, also elected two deputies: Maria Antónia Almeida Santos and Santinho Pacheco.

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