PSD says 'doubts and suspicions persist' that undermine trust in António Costa – O Jornal Económico

Social Democratic Party (PSD) parliamentary leader Fernando Negrão said on Wednesday that "doubts and suspicions" persist that put in doubt confidence in Prime Minister António Costa. Fernando Negrão considers that the staging of arms theft in Tancos is a case of “politician” who needs “urgent clarification” to normalize the functioning of the institutions.

"It is political to wonder whether a prime minister who wants to become prime minister again deserves the trust of the Portuguese, especially when there are doubts and suspicions that have never been clarified," Fernando Negrão said at the meeting of the Permanent Commission on the Tancos case.

The PSD parliamentary bench wants to know how António Costa assesses the performance of former Defense Minister Jose Alberto Azeredo Lopes, and what he knew and knows about the disappearance and subsequent appearance of the weapons of Tancos's storerooms. "It is politics and only politics that we will talk about here," said Fernando Negrão.

Fernando Negrão also said that it is not in question the judicialization of justice with this debate, but to clarify "doubts and suspicions" that so far have not been answered. “If [António Costa] knew [da encenação do aparecimento de armas roubadas em Tancos] and nothing was conniving. If I didn't know, something strange happens in the Government, ”he said.

"At the strictly political level, this is the political question: the need for urgent clarification in order to normalize the functioning of the institutions and ease the concerns of the citizens," he said, ensuring that "the PSD will not silence the issues it believes it should discuss" .

The PSD asked the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, this meeting “as a matter of urgency” to discuss the Tancos case in the Permanent Commission, invoking a “suspicion of the Prime Minister's connivance”.

In an application addressed to Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, the PSD argued that the prosecution's prosecution in the Tancos case “directly affects a former member of the current government, exposing the existence of extremely serious conduct in the exercise of these political functions that clash with the government. commitment made to all Portuguese to perform the duties entrusted to them with loyalty ”.

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