PSD wants "balanced and inclusive" Bases of Health Law with "PS suggestions" – The Economic Journal

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) on Thursday encouraged the Socialist Party (PS) to present suggestions to include in the draft amendment to the current Basic Health Law that will deliver in the Assembly of the Republic. The Social Democrats accuse the government of presenting "a reductive and ideologically biased proposal," which focuses on "socialist ideology and clientele."

"We always put the country's interest above partisan convenience and, therefore, the PSD is available to incorporate possible suggestions from the PS in the proposal we present, as long as they contribute to improving the health of the Portuguese," said the deputy and coordinator of the bench of the PSD for the area of ​​health, Ricardo Baptista Leite, at the opening of the PSD's interpellation to the Government on health policy.

Ricardo Baptista Leite argued that the amendment proposal presented by the PS is "simplistic, secular and does not represent the Portuguese" and that results from government talks only with "parties of the extreme left." "This is the moment of truth, it is now in the hands of the PS to help the country to have a new Basic Law. The PSD is available, the PS is? ", Asked the PSD deputy.

The deputy also considered that it is not enough just a revision of the Basic Law of Health to respond to all the problems that the Health sector faces. "This Government is a champion of private initiative, because it forces the Portuguese to turn to the private sector," says Ricardo Baptista Leite, warning of the "degradation of the National Health Service."

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