PSD wants to hear Minister of Health on delayed treatment of Hepatitis C – The Economic Journal

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) wants to hear "as soon as possible" the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, about the non-administration of treatments for patients with Hepatitis C in hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS). The Social Democrats are calling for clarification on repeated delays in access to Hepatitis C medication and warn that the strategy for eliminating the disease before 2030 may be under threat.

The PSD's parliamentary group reports that the financing of Hepatitis C treatments was provided by the Central Administration of the Health System, but with the change of the contractual model in 2018, the payments were made by the hospital administrations, the which, because of the financial difficulties they face, "resulted in a delay in access to Hepatitis C medication".

Social Democrats say the situation in NHS hospitals is "very worrying". In the petition presented by the PSD this Tuesday, the statements of the President of the Association of SOS Hepatites, Emília Rodrigues, were pointed out, telling the newspapers that "the only hospitals that are giving treatments in 15 days to a month are Santa Maria and Egas Moniz. " In other hospitals in the country there are constant delays, according to Emília Rodrigues, and patients are waiting "between four months to a year."

The PSD recalls that the previous Government took an "ambitious" goal in the fight against Hepatitis C, which allowed, by the end of 2015, to have already in treatment about five thousand patients. "[Isso] has led our country to be cited internationally, also at specialty conferences, as an example of a good agreement for the treatment of said disease, "reads the application.

The party says that the centralized financing mechanism, created by the Ministry of Health, "has made it possible to reduce the distortion in the relationship between needs and supply, and to use the innovative concept of a cured patient."

"It is a fact, however, that the situation has deteriorated over the last year and a half with the inherent and serious consequences that this has for Hepatitis C patients, and the country is still considering the strategy for the elimination of hepatitis C before 2030, as advocated by the WHO, "the Social Democrat said.

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