PSD wants to study and design TGV to connect south to north – The Economic Journal

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) wants to study and design a new high-speed South-North national link with border and Europe links. The measure is part of the PSD election program, presented this Friday, where the party led by Rui Rio defends a bet on the railroad because it is the "most sustainable" means of transport for passengers and goods.

“The heavy and light rail system ensures the currently most sustainable mode of transport for passengers and freight and this will be considered in the decisions to be taken. This principle gives the railroad the status of national priority, not only as an engine of economic development and enhancing export dynamics, but above all as a pillar of a sustainable development model, ”reads the PSD electoral program.

With a view to achieving the goal of carbon neutrality, the PSD proposes a long-term Strategic Plan which sets out as a priority “to study, plan and design a new European-wide South-North High-Speed ​​national link with its border and Europe, prepared for passenger and freight traffic ”.

The national high-speed link would, according to the proposal, be based on a “territorial and financial balancing model” and would make it possible to link to the main national and international logistics terminals (including ports and airports).

The PSD also foresees “a network to European gauge migration plan” in order to “avoid the isolation of the Portuguese economy and increase internal mobility”, in articulation with Spanish rail policy. Social Democrats also want to upgrade and complement existing infrastructure for regional and international connections "whenever logistics traffic warrants it."

Still in the area of ​​the railroad, Rui Rio's party defends the maintenance of existing infrastructures, with “special priority for the metropolitan area networks” and their integration with the medium or low capacity non-rail urban transport systems, in a “approach multimodal and interoperable ”, such as BUS, BRT, car sharing and rental, taxi and TVDE.

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