PSD without party meetings this week, concern is with “national interest” – Jornal Económico

The secretary-general of the PSD told Lusa today that no internal party meetings are planned this week, and pointed out that, at this moment, "the only concern" of the party president, Rui Rio, is with "the national interest".

“At this moment, Dr. Rui Rio is with the national interest and in his role as leader of the opposition, ”he told Lusa José Silvano.

The secretary general of the PSD explained that this priority is today the audience with the President of the Republic about the formation of the new government, which will be present, in addition to Rui Rio and José Silvano, the vice presidents of PSD Nuno Morais Sarmento and Isabel Meirelles, as well as parliamentary leader Fernando Negrão.

Asked when the PSD will gather its own bodies to analyze the election results of Sunday's legislatures – such as the Political Commission and the National Council -, the secretary-general replied that there is not yet a date set, but assured that they will not be this week.

"Party issues right now are not the essential issue," he added.

On Sunday, the PSD won 27.9% in the parliamentary elections, corresponding to 77 deputies (when the four mandates of the emigration circles still remain), compared to 36.6% of the PS, which has now reached 106 parliamentarians.

On the night of the election, Rui Rio assumed that the PSD did not reach the main objective – to win the elections – but defended that it was not a “great defeat”, explaining the result of the favorable international economic conjuncture for the Government, the emergence of new parties. right, but also by the polls that will have “demotivated” social-democratic voters and the action of internal critics.

In his speech, he considered that he faced “an instability of a dimension never seen before in the history of the PSD and solely motivated by personal ambitions”.

Rio was unclear about his continuation and possible re-candidacy to the PSD leadership – by the party's bylaws, internal elections are due to be held in January – saying it will be a "calm and thoughtful" decision and what he can do for the stability of the government, confessing not knowing what the PS intends to do.

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