PSP controls use of mobile phones behind the wheel until 12 – The Economic Journal

The Public Security Police (PSP) will monitor between today and May 12 the use of the mobile phone while driving to prevent and deter risky behavior, the security force said on Friday.

In a statement, PSP justifies the operation "Phone Off" with high levels of road accidents, stressing that the action aims to "prevent and deter risk behaviors that, in a decisive way, contribute to the occurrence of road accidents."

According to data from the PSP, between January 1 and April 30, 4,898 accidents were recorded, causing 53 deaths (including the 29 fatalities of a bus accident in Madeira on April 17), 231 injured and 5,888 lightly injured.

The PSP recalls that "with the exception of devices equipped with a single headset or microphone with a loud voice system, the Road Code prohibits the use and handling of mobile phones while driving / marching vehicles, as studies show their harmful effects , proving that the use of digital tools at the wheel dramatically increases the risk of road accidents.

The data indicate that "maintaining a telephone conversation while driving has as harmful effects as driving under the influence of alcohol."

Therefore, the operation "Phone Off" intends, according to PSP, to promote the adoption of safe behavior by drivers and the road safety of all road users.

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