PTMàMESA generated twice as much for the local economy in Portimão

PTMàMESA generated twice as much for the local economy in Portimão

In times of confinement, the free home delivery service made seven thousand deliveries of food, which translated into around 130 thousand euros for the catering sector.

Operating since January 13 at the initiative of the Portimão council, the PTMàMESA home delivery service has generated around 130 thousand euros for the local economy in these two months of activity, currently having 76 restaurants and pastry shops on the respective platform.

"This municipal measure of indirect support to restoration is having a very positive impact on the billing of adhering establishments and, since the start-up, it already corresponds to more than twice the amount that the municipality decided to invest for the three months of the project", underlines a source of the municipality.

The municipality of Portimão will continue to assume the cost of commissions and fees associated with the service until mid-April, having made available a budget of around 60 thousand euros, which includes free deliveries, the creation of the website and App PTMàMESA and the monthly fee for each establishment on the platform.

The menu at PTMàMESA presents a wide range of gastronomic proposals, with emphasis on traditional Portuguese cuisine, as well as Brazilian, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Chinese and East cuisines, not to mention vegetarian and healthy food, pastries, snacks, barbecue and hamburgers, tapas and snacks.

The chamber stresses that “if for restaurants and similars in confinement period PTMàMESA is a true“ oxygen balloon ”, for customers it is the possibility to continue ordering favorite meals and sweets, with a minimum value of 5 euros , Choose the payment method (online, by ATM or at the time of delivery) and wait for the food in the comfort of your home, without paying any additional delivery fee, which allows you to save more than 2 euros for each order ».

The platform currently has 2552 active customers, each of whom makes an average of 2.74 orders, with Asian, traditional Portuguese and Italian cuisine at the top of their preferences.

Since the beginning of the service, 62 percent of orders have been mostly made through the PTMàMESA App, with 3366 installations for Android and 400 for IOS, while the Web represents 27 percent of orders and the call center, via the available telephone line, is responsible for 4 percent of orders.

So far, 6,994 home meals have been counted (3032 at lunch and 3962 at dinner), not only in the area of ​​the city of Portimão (72 percent), but also in the parishes of Alvor (11 percent) and Mexilhoeira Grande ( 6.6 percent), since PTMàMESA provides this service in the three parishes of the municipality, through its distribution team.

On a part-time or full-time basis, PTMàMESA currently has 12 active distribution agents, making it a temporary work solution. In view of the sustained increase in demand, the strengthening of the team remains open, and it is also possible to join the distribution network of taxi drivers or transfer companies that currently suffer from the crisis in tourism triggered by the pandemic, simply by filling in the online form available on the platform.

As for restaurants that wish to join PTMàMESa and benefit from the special conditions provided by the service, they can do so free of charge by filling in the form available online.


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