Public Administration strike may close schools tomorrow – The Economic Journal

Schools across the country may be closed this Friday, May 10, according to the strike of public administration workers, according to a notice of strike given on April 15.

The 'Economic Journal' knows that some schools in Greater Lisbon had at the end of the day a warning addressed to the caretakers.

According to the notice of the National Federation of Trade Unions of Public and Social Workers (FNSTFPS), the strike will last 24 hours and aims to fight for the increase of wages, replacement and valorization of careers, full time count of service, revocation of SIADAP and the defense of public services.

In the communique that justifies the reasons for the strike on Friday, the Common Front emphasizes that the "PS Government has failed to take measures that are crucial for improving the living conditions and workers of the Public Administration."

The public administration union also admits that it does not accept "blank checks or arguments that there is no money to raise wages," explaining that they know of the existence of "more than one billion euros to finance the Bank and a few more to hire companies and services acquisitions, when there are still more than 600 thousand workers that a decade ago have no increases. "

The strike, which will affect several schools in Portugal, was organized for the same day of the national demonstration of public administration workers.

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