Public company workers dismissed to accompany children at the beginning of school – The Economic Journal

The right to dismissal for up to three hours for the supervision of children under 12 on the first day of school shall cover the public administration, the State business sector and the offices of members of the Government. The measure, foreseen in the "3 in Line" Government program, begins to be negotiated on Monday between public administration unions and the Government, in the Ministry of Finance.

According to the Government's proposal to which Lusa had access, the measure will apply to "public administration workers with a public employment relationship governed by the General Labor Law in Public Functions (LTFP)" and also to those who have a contract governed by the Labor Code. Job.

The measure, which aims to promote a better balance between work and family life, also covers workers "with legal employment relationships governed by the Labor Code that perform functions in the entities referred to in Article 2 (1) Of the LTFP. "

Within this scope are the support offices of the members of the Government, the organs and services of the Assembly of the Republic, the public business entities and the independent administrative entities with functions of regulation of the economic activity of the private, public and cooperative sectors and Banco de Portugal.

According to the proposal, the worker responsible for education under 12 years of age "has the right to justify failing" to "follow-up on the first day of the school year, up to three hours for each minor, provided that there is no serious harm to the normal functioning of the service".

The fault "does not determine the loss of any right of the employee and is considered, for all purposes, effective work."

The measure is due to enter into force in the next school year, since the Government's proposal establishes that the new decree-law will be in force "on the first day of the month following its publication".

The meeting between the three union structures – FESAP, Trade Union Front and Common Front – with the Secretary of State for Administration and Public Employment, Fatima Fonseca, to discuss the diploma is scheduled for Monday afternoon at the Ministry of Finance, in Lisbon.

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