“Quarteira Live” takes music home in March

“Quarteira Live” takes music home in March

It's called “Quarteira Live” and it will be a virtual event composed of 8 concerts by bands / musicians from Quarteira.

This was the form created and adapted to this new reality. A dynamic and participatory project, which arose from ideas worked together with the Junta de Freguesia (JF) of Quarteira, the Associação Empresários por Quarteira and some private individuals.

A way to take the bands from Quarteira to everyone's house and offer good musical moments.

From the 5th to the 31st of March, every Wednesday and Friday, at 8:30 pm, lasting one hour, it will be possible to watch for free and live, through the Facebook page of the Parish Council of Quarteira, a series of concerts, transmitted from the Auditorium of the Municipal Center.

According to Telmo Pinto, President of JF de Quarteira, “this initiative aims not only to enhance the role of our local artists, giving them the opportunity to show their talent and in this way, contribute to bridge the cancellation of the shows that these artists had on the agenda and encourage their return, as well as bringing art and culture to people, using existing technological means ”.

“With Quarteira Live, we intend to bring a positive message, of encouragement and hope, not only to the people of Quarteira, but to everyone who follows these bands around the world. Social networks allow that, to bring music to everyone's heart and ears without exception ”, adds the mayor.

On nights when the pandemic's silence echoes in every corner of the city, “Quarteira Live” will be the musical force that will cheer you up.

On display at “Quarteira Live”

3/5 | Alexandre Jesus & Rúben Santos

3/10 | Miranda Eloquent & Baby Creezy

3/12 | Fragas & Sacik

3/17 | Isa de Brito & Nuno Fonseca

3/19 | Marc Policarpo & Rúben Salamanca

3/24 | Poli Correia & João Brito

3/26 | Sílvio Switha & Marco Cardoso

3/31 | Twin Fin


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