Quintanilha Rock joins festivals with traditions of the border in Bragança – Showbiz

Quintanilha Rock joins festivals with traditions of the border in Bragança - Showbiz

The distinctive mark of the festival is also in food without plastic food, and this year also without plastic cups, dominating the traditional cuisine.

"The aroma of our grandparents' home-made food, made from flasks, pots or grills, is part of a collective memory that we want to share with those who come to the festival at the 'races' tables at Colado Park, where meals are and there will be plenty of wild boar feijoada, rooster in pot or Bísaro pork trilogy, an autochthonous breed from the Transmontana region, "said Filipe Afonso, president of ArtiColado.

The festival is made up of presences of all ages even among the artists, as evidenced by the show that brings together the same stage Lucia Gonzalo, 22, from Zamora (Spain), with Octávio Fernandes, 68 and Bragança.

"It is meetings that are Quintanilha Rock, artistic encounters, cross-border and intergenerational," said Leonor Afonso.

The Iberian side of the festival also materializes in a session of bilingual tales, in partnership with the Abade de Baçal Museum and the Ethnographic Museum of Castilla y León.

On the three days of the festival, on the border of Quintanilha, "the most important names in the national alternative scene such as Pirate Cassette, Fast Eddie Nelson, Quadra, The Black Wizards, Whales or Lava Masses will be on the stage."

Local musicians have this year "more stage", with Raiva Rosa, Meta (Mariana Bragada), Orquestra InCómoda and Quintanilha Calling, a project that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic London Calling album by the British The Clash.

The festival has the financial and logistical support of the Municipal Council of Bragança, with President Hernâni Dias emphasizing the expression that the event has gained in the national panorama and the fact of "joining the festival side with what is characteristic of the locality".

"It involves the people, who feel the festival as their own," he said.

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