Rafa remembers reaction to the draw of the draw in the Dragon: "That did not serve us"

Rafa remembers reaction to the draw of the draw in the Dragon: "That did not serve us"

On the day that Benfica officially signed the contract renewal with Rafa for three more seasons, the extreme told BTV about last season, which ended with winning the national title.

One of the most remarkable games of the season was the classic with FC Porto in the Dragon, which allowed the 'eagles' to rise to the lead of the I Liga. Regarding this match, the Portuguese international explained why he had precipitated the end of the celebrations of João Félix, just after the equalizer.

"We always want to win.What motivated me at the moment and the whole team was wanting to win.It did not serve us.I do not think about ambition in individual terms, but in collective terms, yes, because that already involves my teammates , who I consider to be a family.We sometimes spend more time in the spa than outside.People who are not there do not know, but whoever is inside knows the friendship we have, "recalled Rafa, who would eventually score the winning goal .

Asked if he considers 2018/19 the best time of his career, Rafa guarantees that he does not think that way. "I've been asked this question a number of times, I do not say that this is the best or the worst, I do not analyze it that way.All times are different, I do not care about the time that has passed, I only think about the next I have not scored so many times, but I've always been very calm, and now that I scored, I'm calm, I do not think the season was better because of those goals, but because I contributed to the team. "

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