Ramalho Eanes recalls "an ethical example" of General Loureiro dos Santos – Jornal Econômico

Ramalho Eanes recalls "an ethical example" of General Loureiro dos Santos - Jornal Econômico

Former President of the Republic António Ramalho Eanes today recalled, emotionally, General Loureiro dos Santos, his "brother by choice", underlining his personality "of excellence", as a military and academic, and as an "ethical example."

Ramalho Eanes recalled and praised the path of the former Defense Minister and former Chief of Staff of the Army (CEME), "his purpose of excellence" as a student, teacher, and military, in his missions and in the functions that resolved to exercise, "and his" ethical example. "

The "ethical example," Loureiro dos Santos said when he left CEME's office because of the so-called "colonels' law", which required the early retirement of dozens of officers.

"He understood that to continue, he had to betray the confidence of his men. Therefore, he understood not to continue, "said the former president, speaking to Lusa and RTP, at his residence in Lisbon.

Ramalho Eanes quoted words from Loureiro dos Santos, in a biography of the journalist Luísa Meireles, in which he considered him "brother by choice".

"For me, he is also a kind of brother by choice," said the general, visibly moved.

General Loureiro dos Santos died today at the age of 82 in Lisbon.

Born in Vilela do Douro, Sabrosa municipality, in Vila Real district, on September 2, 1936, José Alberto Loureiro dos Santos was Minister of National Defense between 1978 and 1980 in the IV and V Constitutional Governments, headed by Carlos Mota Pinto and Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo, both presidential initiative executives of Ramalho Eanes.

Loureiro dos Santos was Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, in 1977, and Chief of Staff of the Army.

The wake of General Loureiro dos Santos will be held on Sunday, from 16:00, in the Chapel of the Military Academy, in Lisbon, where on Monday, at 09:30, a mass of the present body will be celebrated, after which the funeral will leave to the cemetery of Carnaxide, in the county of Oeiras.

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