Rangel accuses Costa of having "two loves", the 'gossip' in Lisbon and the liberals in Brussels – The Economic Journal

The head of the PSD list, Paulo Rangel, today accused António Costa of having "two loves that are not equal," linking with BE and PCP in Lisbon and trying an alliance with the liberals in Brussels.

"When I see António Costa in Portugal joining the contraption and in Brussels winking, giving hugs and kisses to the liberals, there is only one old popular song: António Costa has two loves that are not the same, some are socialists and others are liberal, "the MEP said at a luncheon meeting in Tondela.

Rangel accused Costa of "another maneuver of electoral opportunism" and "ideological gymnastics," after the prime minister met with French President Emmanuel Mácron on Monday, both stressing the importance of creating "a coalition of progress and future "after the European elections between political forces intending to build the next stage of the European project.

"The question is of such a serious nature that yesterday [segunda-feira] Pedro Nuno Santos went to a rally and introduced a break in the socialist campaign by saying that the socialists had to make a choice between socialists and liberals. Already today, Pedro Marques came to shuffle everything again and say that the Socialists are available to join with the liberals and, even so, the PPE, who claimed to be on the radical right side, "Rangel criticized.

The Social Democrat candidate argued that the PS can not want to "rule in Portugal with the extreme left and want to be in Europe with the liberals," saying "there are two sides to this PS."

"Politics is not worth everything. Antonio Costa is not going to say one thing and his opposite, it is not worth putting your ministers to say the opposite and one thing, and it is not worth putting your candidate to say everything in reverse and the opposite of everything, "he accused, considering PS "A party adrift that does not know what to follow".

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