Rangel expects post-election agreement between PSD and CDS-PP to form majority – Jornal Económico

Social Democratic MEP Paulo Rangel said on Friday he expected the PSD and CDS-PP to reach a post-election agreement to form a parliamentary majority. The vice-president of the European People's Party (EPP) believes it is still possible to counter polls and says he will be present in the PSD election campaign.

“It is a natural coalition and I hope the PSD and CDS-PP will understand each other if they have a majority for it,” said Paulo Rangel, at a luncheon hosted by the International Club of Portugal (ICPT), with the theme “Europe and the New global balances ”.

Paulo Rangel argues that the PSD has made a good start to the election campaign and, just over a month from the legislative elections there is still time to reverse the polls, which put the PSD around 20% of voting intentions. The latest survey, conducted by Pitagórica for TSF and Jornal de Notícias, points to an accelerated fall of the PSD, which does not go beyond 20.4%.

“Polls are polls, but they express trends and we have to acknowledge that. But I am hoping that this situation can be reversed and that is obviously our purpose, ”said the MEP.

The MEP also assured that he will be present in “several” “national and local” campaign actions, claiming to be “a voice of the PSD's past, present and future”.

Face-to-face between PSD president Rio Rio and CDS-PP leader Asunción Cristas on Thursday at SIC was marked by agreement. Although they vary in how they want to advance the proposals, both assume that there is a close proximity between the programmatic lines from side to side, and Rui Rio extended the carpet to Cristas for a post-election agreement.

"The normal situation is for the parties to go to separate elections," said Rui Rio, adding that in this way they can maintain their identity and see how much they are worth alone. But after the elections, the story may be different. "If we have a majority together, we will make the decision we have always made throughout history," said the Social Democratic leader.

Asuncion Cristas admitted that “the CDS-PP has a past with the PSD” and confessed that it was with “pride” that he was part of the government of Pedro Passos Coelho.

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