Rangel says that moment chosen for remodeling aims to "overshadow" case of Tancos – The Economic Journal

Rangel says that moment chosen for remodeling aims to "overshadow" case of Tancos - The Economic Journal

"There is neither a hurricane nor a remodeling that removes gravity from Tancos. The prime minister has to give his explanations, we can not be stunned by the remodeling and distract the attentions of a crisis that touches a pillar of sovereignty and a fundamental pillar of the State, "said Paulo Rangel, in statements to Lusa, after having posted on the social network Twitter a publication on this topic.

The Social Democrat MEP, who has been a candidate for PSD leadership, devalued the reshuffle announced today, not for the prime minister's legitimacy to do so, but for the moment chosen, just two days after the resignation of Defense Minister Jose Azeredo Lopes, which was based on developments in the judicial process over missing military material from the Tancos warehouse and then reappeared.

"The choice of the opportunity for a major refurbishment has an obvious purpose: to try to overshadow and try to distract attention from a matter in which it is now the prime minister who has to respond," he said.

Strange that the military chiefs most directly involved in the case – Chief of Staff of the Army and Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces – remain in office, Paulo Rangel defended that Azeredo Lopes "leaves the Government later than he himself would like, but sooner than the prime minister would like. "

"If he had been there longer, the responsibility would not go to the prime minister," he said.

The PSD has promised an official reaction to the government's reshuffle, but other Social Democrats have already commented on social networks.

The former Secretary of State for the Environment José Eduardo Martins referred in particular to the reinforcement of powers of the deputy minister Siza Vieira, who also has the portfolio of Economics.

"If Minister Siza will accumulate is because there is already a decision of the Public Prosecutor in the Constitutional Court? Or am I seeing badly? It is not new, the PS lose the whole shame and opacity to win this splendor, but with Dr. Costa this is going through new heights, "wrote Jose Eduardo Martins on Facebook.

On May 23, the Public Prosecutor's Office asked the Constitutional Court to analyze the incompatibility and income statements of Minister Siza Vieira, who was the unpaid manager of a family-owned real estate company when he was a minister.

Already the former 'deputy' of the Social Democrat bench Sérgio Azevedo wrote, also on Facebook: "Do not have any illusions. The government reshuffle of the culture and health folders is the result of the negotiation for the OE2019. "

Carlos Abreu Amorim, another former vice president of the PSD parliamentary group, used the irony to comment on this remodeling: "Apparently, Storm Leslie blew a lot stronger than it seemed. Swept a few places from top to bottom … ".

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