Rare photographs show the harsh reality of Russia in the 1990s – News

Rare photographs show the harsh reality of Russia in the 1990s - News

It was the end of an era and the beginning of a world of uncertainties for the inhabitants of the defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. After the dissolution of the USSR in the 1990s, Russia underwent a major economic, social and political transition. The uncontrolled privatization of some companies and the closure of others, considered unproductive, generated a wave of mass unemployment and reduced consumption.

Between 1989 and 1998, the French visual artist Lise Sarfati lived in this country, which gave her the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of the facts and, fundamentally, of the daily difficulties of the people who lived there. Passionate about documentary photography, she photographed the cities of Moscow, Norilsk and Vorkuta, capturing the crude and rude reality of Russian society from that difficult time.

His book "Acta Est" shows 43 images, some of them unpublished, of extreme poverty, destroyed buildings, abandoned factories, children left to themselves to guess a future of delinquency and fugitive adolescents interned in fields of supposed reeducation. A powerful historical record of the post-Soviet era during the great social upheaval that the change of political regime spurred.

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