Razer will even manufacture a toaster with the typical design of the brand – Computers

Razer will even manufacture a toaster with the typical design of the brand - Computers

Sometimes a "harmless" joke created for April 1 ends up making unexpected proportions, say so to Razer. It all started with Project Breadwinner, a match of the brand to celebrate the famous day of lies. In this was shared a video of what would be the toaster created by the manufacturer of Tawain, with green LEDs, typical of the brand's products and with the particularity of marking the logo on the toasts themselves when they jump from the appliance.

The truth is that the video became viral and the CEO of the company, Min-Liang Tan was constantly approached on the street to ask about his toaster, even after being explained that everything was just a joke of the company to celebrate the date. It was created the Facebook fan group "Give us the Razer Toaster" by the team itself, as a kind of low-signed, asking a million likes for the project to go forward, while Min-Liang Tan appealed to his fans not to give like on page "these guys are a group of fanatics. Have a lot of attention to it, "as that further spice up fans.

What is certain is that the CEO of the company even accepted the challenge, promising the toaster if the milestone was reached (which he personally did not believe would happen), adding that every tattoo made by fans allusive to the appliance would be equivalent to 100,000 likes, each. The truth is that 12 fans appeared with the tattoo, originating then 1.2 million likes – the page has truly 45,000 followers.

As promised, the Razer leader came out to confirm that he would assemble the team to draw the toaster ("yelling" for help to NVidia, Intel and even magnate Elon Musk), something that could take a few years, but promised to go showing the progress of the project. It took five years, 45 likes and 12 tattoos for the project to start, since the game of April 1st …

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