Ré, Batista, Buhler and Borrego win in Reguengos de Monsaraz – CNTT – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Ré, Batista, Buhler and Borrego win in Reguengos de Monsaraz - CNTT - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Alexandre Ré avenges defeat of Loulé in Reguengos

Alexandre Ré now accompanied by brother Pedro Ré (VW Amarok), after being the great defeated in the last control of the passage of the Baja of Loulé, forced the progress and reached the pair Tiago Reis / Valter Cardoso (Mitsubishi Racing Lancer) to overcome the Low TT Capital of the Wines of Portugal with 41,0s of advance.

Miguel Casaca and Pedro Tavares (Mitsubishi Racing Lancer PROTO) took the final place of the podium with 2m23,0s more than the winners, standing in front of the pair Pedro Dias da Silva and José Janela (Ford MO EXR05 Proto) who spent 3m02, 0s, while in the closing of the top-five was the team Paulo Rui Ferreira and Jorge Ferreira Monteiro (Toyota Hilux) to 6m02,0s of the winners of the event organized by the Motoring Section of the Reguenguense Society.

André Amaral, navigated by the Algarve Nelson Ramos, at the helm of a Ford Ranger were the sixth drivers in front of the pair Lino Carapeta / Rui António (Land Rover Evoque), followed by the team César Sequeira / Filipa Sequeira (Mini Cooper D Prototype) . Sérgio Vitorino accompanied by António Serrão (BMW X5CC)) were in front of the pair Manuel Correia / Miguel Ramalho (Mitsubishi HRX Ford) that closed the top-ten.

Cristiano Batista wins with 10 seconds of SSV lead

Cristiano Batista / Fábio Zeller (Can AM Maverick X3), surprised the pair Mário Franco / Nuno Matias Guilherme (Yamaha YXZ 1000 R) by recovering the almost 50 seconds of delay of the previous day, to finish with 10,0s of advance winning the Low TT Capital of the Wines of Portugal. The pair Marco Pereira / Eurico Adam (Can AM Maverick X3) were third at 46.0s.

Aristides Junior / Nuno Brandão (Can AM Maverick X3), finished in the 4th place at 2m17.0s of the winners, with Gonçalo Guerreiro and João Miranda (Can AM XRS) closing the top-five with more 8.0s than their predecessors.

David Assunção and Daniel Silva (Can Am XRS) were sixths at 3m33.0s, followed by the pair Filipe Cameirinha / Nuno Cavaco (Can Am X3 XRS), Pedro Grancha / Tomás Neves (Can Am X3 XRS), João Dias / Carlos Mendes Can AM X3) and Avelino Luís / Dinis Carmo (Can Am X3 XRS).

Sebastian Buhler unbeatable on motorcycles

Sebastian Buhler (Husqvarna FC 450), Odemira's rider, won the prologue, the 1st stage and the 2nd stage, completely dominating the events of Baja TT Capital dos Vinhos de Portugal.

António Maio (Yamaha WR) returned to 2nd place, on his return to the CNTT, but with the clear goal of training for the Dakar with his rally bike.

Bruno Borrego (KTM 500EXC) completed the podium and won the TT3 class, which is his test, preventing the championship leaders from reaching one of three positions of honor.

Daniel Jordão (Yamaha WR 450R) finished in 4th place followed by Bernardo Megre (Husqvarna FE), the winner of the TT1 class, while in the sixth place was Salvador Vargas.

Roberto Borrego imposed on Luís Engeitado

Roberto Borrego (Yamaha YFZ 450R) took the best on Luís Engeitado (Yamaha YFZ 450) by the difference of 15.1s while Carlos Ribeiro (Honda TRX) accompanied them to the podium getting 41.2s more than the fastest.



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