Reality shows: what happens in the bathrooms? – Showbiz

Reality shows: what happens in the bathrooms? - Showbiz

Sofia Ramada Short, better known as Fake Blogger on social networks, was one of the guests from the last issue of "5 to midnight". In the program of RTP1, the guest of Filomena Cautela recalled that "in real life" is a television director.

In the interview, Sofia Ramada Curto recalled that she has performed several reality shows, such as TVI's "The House of Secrets". "I've been to the house, it's like an oceanarium because it's made of glass, it's very funny, we're behind the scenes and we forget that people are there," he said.

"It's true that there are cameras in the bathrooms because of security reasons, because, imagine, go there to cut your wrists or make love … If you make love in the bathroom, it appears (on TV)", revealed the director of SIC.

Sofia Ramada Curto also told that some competitors take the guard sucks into the bathroom. "There were competitors going to the umbrella … to pee or other things men do alone," he joked.

See the interview here.

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