Recreation protest game of the Portuguese Cup

Bola de futebol

Soccer ball

Recreio de Águeda registered "several irregular situations" in Montalegre, which were the object of a participation delivered this Tuesday by the club for appreciation by the discipline council of the Portuguese Football Federation

"The presence of the head coach of the Montalegre CD, José Manuel Luís Reis, who is complying with suspension games, thus being unable to perform his duties in the technical zones of the stadium, during the two hours before the official game starts and until thirty minutes after its end, "was the reason Recreio de Águeda participated in the federation. "The presence and permanence in technical zones exclusive to the elements of the teams included in the game card was notorious and was even identified by the GNR and Delegate of the FPF at the interval of the game to leave the resort, where he was instructing the team."
In a press release, Recreio says "that the expelled coach can not contact the team before, during and after the game, so there is no doubt that his presence before the game and during the break is a clear violation of the disciplinary impediment ".
According to Recreio, "the club is aware of the suspension of their coach and created the conditions for the proximity and orientation of the team, and still prevaricated when launching pyrotechnics during the game, at half-time and at the end from inside the sports venue when still were players on the field and all spectators on the bench. The club also gave instructions to catch balls to move away from the field early in the second part of the game, giving further proof of lack of fairplay and anti-gambling. "
Recreio de Águeda wants to apply disciplinary justice and CD Montalegre "be eliminated from the competition before the draw of the fifth round of the Portuguese Cup Placard," scheduled for Thursday.

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