“Refuse overtime work next Saturday and Sunday” – Jornal Económico

Pedro Pardal Henriques urges fuel drivers to "refuse to do extra work next Saturday and Sunday."

The appeal of the vice president of the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP) was made this Thursday on a Facebook page to support fuel drivers.

Read the full message:

TO ALL DRIVERS (unionized or not).
Despite the pressure from companies to do extra work next Saturday and Sunday, I strongly advise them to REFUSE such work.
Workers may refuse to provide additional work if there are reasonable grounds.

And the reasons are:
1) Union Plenary.
2) They have already exceeded the annual overtime of 200 hours allowed by law.

You have my support, and my responsibility for your resignation.

Companies are trying to play with us, and the government is clearly allied with the torture that is imposed on this sector.
What we are witnessing today with the setting of minimum services was an attack on the working world.

We have strategies to respond, and I want to share with you next Saturday at 15h in Aveiras.

Either one of us makes history and we change it for you and your children all at once, or we fold our arms and fight.

I count on ALL, Saturday in Aveiras.
Even if you have already participated in other plenary sessions, this is the moment of decision and the time to make history.

I am with you until the end.

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