Reign of Prince Charles may arrive "within three years" – News

Reign of Prince Charles may arrive "within three years" - News

Robert Jobson, a reporter who is preparing to launch a book about the future king of England, states that Elizabeth II should pass the Crown to her son until she is 95 years old.

Now 92, Queen Elizabeth II sees the finitude of her reign. According to Robert Jobson, a royal reporter for over three decades, the monarch intends to pass the crown on to his son, Prince Charles, "within three years."

This is one of the information contained in the book that Robert is preparing to launch on the life of the future King of England, who closely followed for 18 months. "The queen is seriously considering and believes that if she is alive at age 95, she will surely pass the reign to Carlos," the author told the Daily Mail.

"His Majesty is aware of his age and wants to make sure that when the time comes, the transition from the Crown is perfect," he continued.

This is not Jobson's first revelation of the work. Also in an interview with the Daily Mail, the journalist told details of Carlos' marriage to Princess Diana, namely how the prince considered the ascent to the altar a "terrible mistake."

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