Relegated Alentejo clubs want to challenge the Portuguese Championship

Relegated Alentejo clubs want to challenge the Portuguese Championship

Lusitano SAD, Aljustrelense and Moura try to avoid descent to the districts

A group of 25 clubs, including Lusitano SAD, Aljustrelense and Moura, at risk of falling in the Portuguese Championship, intends to challenge the competition, considering that the third national level is a “lie” and that it will be “assaulted by the super district ".

In the note released yesterday, the clubs in question, who descend to the district levels, represented by their respective presidents, state that “they are going together to undertake a set of measures to fight to defend the interests of their clubs and the replacement of the sporting truth”, in the search to “avoid the homologation of the respective classifications as presently provided by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF)”.

The group of 'afflicted' in the competition accuses the body of “creating a gap of injustice, which seriously covers the sporting truth and the integrity of the competition”, after seeing the amended regulation.

Remember, the Madeira teams unable to compete gave up the Portuguese Championship, the current third tier of national football, but the FPF did not punish them with the descent, rather guaranteeing their participation in the next edition of the competition, which will become the fourth step with the creation of the new League 3.

District competitions have been "stopped"

Regarding the rise of other clubs to the Championship of Portugal, the statement states that “most of the district competitions were not disputed, even some were interrupted in January”, due to the covid-19 pandemic, so there may be “an appointment or draw of climbs without having 50% of the district championship held, and without causing descents in them, perverting the truth and sporting and financial justice between the Championship of Portugal and the District ”.

Finally, the group stresses that it will “challenge” the FPF, leaving the guarantee that “it is not available to accept those regulatory changes”, as well as the “serious consequences that they will cause to the clubs”.


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