Renato Garrido: "Impaired in the big decisions"

Renato Garrido: "Impaired in the big decisions"

Renato Garrido did not hide his indignation after the elimination of Oliveirense in the European roller hockey league against Benfica. At the end of the game, the Oliveira de Azeméis team manager accused Benfica of putting pressure on the referee to withdraw in the validation of a Oliveirense goal when the game was still 2-1.

"This time I will not be silent," began Oliveirense coach, referring to an invalid goal to Jorge Silva that would be worth the tie to 2-2 with four minutes remaining for the final whistle.

"The Oliveirense are permanently hampered in the big decisions," Filippo Fronte points to the center, validating the goal, then Benfica presses, and without consulting his colleague, invalidates. technician of Oliveirense.

"We do not get involved in arbitration because we also have responsibilities, especially in home games, but arbitration has undoubtedly jeopardized the times. People who walk in hockey should get their hands on their conscience, because the more clubs with quality teams titles better for the sport, "said Renato Garrido.

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