Report indicates more water in all watersheds of the country in November – The Economic Newspaper

Report indicates more water in all watersheds of the country in November - The Economic Newspaper

The volume of water in the river basins was at the end of November higher than the same month of 2017 in all basins, with Sado having more than double storage.

Although there is an improvement over November last year, in general terms, only three basins had more stored water than the November average of the last 27 years, according to the figures on water availability stored on November 30, which will be published on the website of the Portuguese Environment Agency and to which Lusa had access today.

Despite the increase in all the basins compared to November last year, compared to the evolution compared to October of this year, the increase was registered in nine of the 12 monitored river basins.

According to the same data, the number of reservoirs with water availability greater than 80% doubled compared to October, reducing the number of reservoirs with less than 40% of water from the total volume.

Of the 62 reservoirs monitored, 10 were at the end of the month at more than 80% capacity, five more than in October, and nine were at less than 40%, less four than in October.

The document points out, however, that storage in November, by river basin, was lower than the November storage averages in the period between 1990/91 and 2016/17, with the exception of the Mondego, Guadiana and Arade basins.

The information also indicates that the reservoirs with less than 40% of water correspond to 14.5% of the total evaluated and are those of the Alto Lindoso (35%), in the Lima basin of Vilar-Tabuaço, in the Douro basin (36 %) and in the Divor river, in the Tagus basin, to 24%.

In the south of the country are the remaining dams with less water, two in the Guadiana – Vigia basin (21%) and Caia (30%) -, and four in the Sado – Monte da Rocha basin (11%), Campilhas 09%), Fonte Serne (33%) and Purple (38%).

Comparing the evolution of the last month was also the south of the country that less water stored, with the north to record the highest increases.

Storage in the Lima basin increased from 25% to 37%, in Cávado from 56% to 63%, Mondego from 57% to 68% and Ave from 36% to 50% (rounded figures).

The basins of the Tagus, Douro and Arade had a slight descent and the remaining basins to the south little evolved: the one of the Guadiana went from 76% to 78%, the one of the Windward one of 55% to 58% and those of Sado and Mira maintained were equal to October, 44% and 59%, respectively.

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