Restoration wants take-away, deliveries and drive-thru allowed in confinement

Restoration wants take-away, deliveries and drive-thru allowed in confinement

"AHRESP appeals to the Government that, in the face of a new confinement and the closure of catering establishments and similar to the public, the respective operation is allowed, in the form of" delivery "(home deliveries) and" take-away '", calls on the association.

Regarding the take-away, AHRESP defends the inclusion of "the permission to operate in a 'drive-thru' regime, a modality in which customers remain in their vehicles, with no possibility of gathering and, therefore, reducing any risk of contagion".

Several experts, political leaders and representatives of civil society organizations are meeting this morning at the presentation session on the epidemiological situation, which takes place at the headquarters of Infarmed – National Authority for Medicines and Health Products, in Lisbon.

This meeting precedes the decision, taken for granted, to place the country in a new general confinement to halt the advance of the pandemic after last week the numbers of deaths and new cases of covid-19 have increased significantly.

Thus, AHRESP also defends the need for a new support framework for the sector for a new containment.

"In the face of a new confinement, it is increasingly urgent to immediately make available the measures already announced by the Government on December 10, as well as the need for a new support framework for companies and their workers", he defended.

Given the imminence of a new confinement – and assuming that the modalities of 'take-away', home deliveries and 'drive-thru' will be allowed – AHRESP also recalls that the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) published specific rules for couriers, which must be followed and recommended to these professionals by the establishments themselves.

With regard to labor issues, establishments that advance to those modalities "may determine to their workers, provided that with their consent, participation in the respective activities, even if they do not form part of the object of the respective employment contracts", he also pointed out , AHRESP.

The worsening of the epidemiological situation in Portugal due to the covid-19 pandemic should lead to a new confinement similar to what happened in the spring, but the concrete measures will only be known on Wednesday.


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