Return to Algarve goes on the road between May 5th and 9th

Return to Algarve goes on the road between May 5th and 9th

The Volta ao Algarve by bicycle goes on the road between May 5 and 9, according to the updated calendar released today by the International Cyclist Union (UCI), confirming the dates for which it was appointed after the postponement.

Initially scheduled for February 17 to 21, the 'Algarvia', in 2.Pro tier, fits the dates indicated at the time of the postponement due to the covid-19 pandemic, revealed today the UCI, which also published several adjustments to the calendar national.

Among the events categorized by the world cycling summit (which do not cover the entire national calendar), the first is the Classical of Arrábida (1.2), for May 2.

This is followed by the Volta ao Alentejo (2.2), which in January had been postponed to the second half of the year and now appears from 23 to 27 June, three months after the scheduled dates, from 17 to 21 March.

The Grand Prix Torres Vedras – Joaquim Agostinho Trophy, category 2.2, will take place from 16 to 18 July, with the 82nd Tour of Portugal (2.1) scheduled for the dates that the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC) had pointed out in December 2020: from 4th to 15th August.

On February 23, the FPC announced the date of April 10 as the resumption of professional competition, with the new calendar "at an earlier stage of renewal", even though still pending agreements with partners, in addition to the reorganization of the amateur calendars .

According to the version published today by the UCI, 60 requests for the postponement of tests are reflected, between the male and female calendar, and 60 cancellations, due to the restrictions imposed in a pandemic period.


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