Ricardo Rodrigues leads «new» Algarve Cycling Association

Ricardo Rodrigues leads «new» Algarve Cycling Association

Ricardo Rodrigues was elected yesterday, Saturday, president of the direction of the renewed Algarve Cycling Association, an entity that has been inactive for the past six years due to financial problems.

“After several years of stalemate, since 2015, which has even led the Portuguese Cycling Federation to create a delegation to manage the destinations of the sport in the Algarve, since yesterday, the 27th, a historic day was lived, with the election of the new governing bodies for the 2021/2023 triennium, ”revealed the ACA in a statement.

At the electoral act held on Saturday, by "secret online vote", the 30 clubs with the right to vote attended and voted 27.

List A, led by Ricardo Rodrigues, who will assume the destinations of Algarve cycling, obtained 297 votes, and list B, led by António Duarte, totaled 43 votes.

Ricardo Rodrigues was founder and president of Extremo Sul

Ricardo Rodrigues is an entrepreneur – he created BikeSul, dedicated to the sale and repair of bicycles – and he was the founder and president of the Associação Extremo Sul, based in São Bartolomeu de Messines, in the municipality of Silves.

ACA's new board also has Deputy President Ana Menezes Cunha and directors Diogo Granadas, Maria Godinho, Teresa Fernandes, João Pereira, Sandra Fonseca, Luís Inácio Silva and Luís Albino Silva.

José Manuel Guerreiro (general meeting), Jorge Soares (arbitration board), Fernando Rodrigues (supervisory board) and Milene Gonçalves (disciplinary board) command the remaining governing bodies, which are due to take office in mid-March.


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