Ricardo Teodósio and José Teixeira get a new podium at the Terras D'Aboboreira Rally

The Algarve duo Ricardo Teodósio / José Teixeira of Team Vito Skoda was once again fighting for the first places in the Portugal Rally Championship, this time in the land classifications of the Terras D'Aboboreira Rally, which he finished in 2nd place and achieved the fifth podium this year.

The Portuguese Rally Championship has returned to the dirt floors, this weekend, in the sections of Amarante, Baião and Marco de Canaveses. With less knowledge of the terrain in the face of direct competition, Ricardo Teodósio managed to enter the fight for first place, ending the day on Friday just 1.8 seconds from the lead. On Saturday, a puncture helped to widen the gap to the top of the standings, but 2nd place turns out to be a positive result for the national title double.

“We knew that our direct competition had a lot of experience in these sections and that was fundamental, especially in the longest stage”, said Ricardo Teodósio. “That was when the rally was truly decided. In the second pass through Amarante, we had a slow puncture that did not allow us to attack as we wanted. Even so, this result in a rally that we didn't know so well turns out to be positive. Now we go to our ‘home’, to try to close the season with a win at the Rally Casinos do Algarve ”, said the national champion, who also made a point of thanking “To all our sponsors and the people who give us strength in rallies and on social networks. This support is essential for us. ”

The Casinos do Algarve Rally will be the seventh and final race of the Ralyes Championship of Portugal, being scheduled for the weekend of 14 and 15 November.


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