Riff Guitar joins luthiers in Algarve capital – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Riff Guitar joins luthiers in Algarve capital - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Riff Guitar, an event scheduled for Faro on October 11-12, will bring together dozens of luthiers, professionals specializing in the creation and construction of musical instruments.

The event will take place in two emblematic clubs in the city of Faro, the Gimnásio Clube de Faro and Club Farense, cultural associations founded in the 19th century. XIX, which together accumulate 277 years in the service of culture.

During the day, the agenda of the event will have as main attraction the luthier workshops, complemented by exhibitions, guitarists demonstrations (showcases and jams) and guitar performances in downtown Faro, with the collaboration of the Algarve Blues Association in the space. which links the Gimnásio Clube de Faro to Club Farense.

At night, various guitar concerts are planned, in different music styles and various guitar formats.

On October 11, at 21:00 hours, the concert «Acoustic Night» will take place, with the performances of Carlos Barreto and António Eustáquio; Luísa Amaro, Ana Sadium and Heloísa Monteiro; and love guitar. The next day, 12th, at the concert «Electric Night», will be the turn of the Tuniko Goulart Trio and guests.

Several well-known luthiers have already confirmed their presence, including Andy Manson (Led Zeppelin guitar builder), Adriano Sérgio (cover of Premier Guitar magazine February 2019), Francisco Visco Molina (Spain), João Pessoa, Dietmar Mock, Stevie Guitars, Pukka Violins, Daro Guitars, Isac Guitars and Candido Jacob.

Also present will be the artist Luís Espírito Santo (Espírito Art Guitar – exhibition of painted guitars), with the artistic work of Tó Quintas – Guitar with 4 meters, specially designed for this event.

Tickets range from 2 euros (visit to guitar and luthier exhibitions in both venues – Gimnásio Clube de Faro and Club Farense), 10 euros (each of the concerts) and 18 euros (for both concerts).



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