Rio expects Neto de Moura case to show "real state of justice" – The Economic Journal

Rio expects Neto de Moura case to show "real state of justice" - The Economic Journal

The PSD president, Rui Rio, today expressed hope that the controversy surrounding Judge Neto de Moura will demonstrate the "real state of justice and closed corporatism" that he considers dominating the sector.

"I hope that the controversy around Neto de Moura serves to perceive the real state of Justice and the closed corporatism that dominates it. An aspect that I have been aiming for a long, long time, "wrote Rui Rio, in a publication on his official social networking account Twitter, earlier this afternoon.

Judge Neto de Moura has been criticized by several politicians and humorists for judgments and judgments on domestic violence, considered lenient towards perpetrators and critics of the victims and the role of women.

The plaintiff has vowed, however, to prosecute public figures who have made comments in newspapers, televisions and social networks about their decisions in domestic violence cases, an advance story in the latest issue of the weekly Expresso.

Rui Rio has been, over the years, very critical of the functioning of Portuguese justice and, as president of the PSD, has already defended a global reform of the legal sector, having delivered to the various parties a document with the ideas that the party proposes for this area .

Among other measures, the PSD leader defended changes in the composition of the Superior Council of the Public Prosecutor's Office (CSMP), considering that a majority of non-judges would make the system "less opaque", which provoked criticism in the sector and a threat of strike of the Magistrates' Union of the Public Prosecution Service.

Also the former leader of the PSD, Luís Marques Mendes, criticized the proposal of the leader of the PSD and accused, at the time, Rio of wanting to control the justice.

"In Portugal there are two equal politicians in the will to control justice and the media: José Sócrates and Rui Rio. In this matter, they are true Siamese brothers. They may even be different in intentions and character, but in ideas they are the same. One and the other liked to be able to say what is being investigated, how it is investigated and when it is investigated, "Mendes said.

Following the criticism, Rio also defended himself on Twitter. "They are going around shaking that I want to control the Public Prosecutor's Office, because I defend that there is a majority of civil society personalities in their High Council. As in the Magistracy Council, it is already so, for these minds, I may already control the Judiciary today, "wrote Rui Rio.

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