Rio Grande marks 25 years of twinning with Águeda

Cidade de Rio Grande (Foto: Prefeitura de RG)

The twinning agreement between the cities of Águeda and Rio Grande has completed 25 years this September and the city of the Brazilian city intends to mark the anniversary with activities that have already begun

The two cities took over the twinning agreement in 1993 and last Wednesday the mayor of Rio Grande, Alexandre Lindenmeyer, officialized the composition of a commission responsible for drafting the 25-year schedule, involving representatives of local secretariats, the Portuguese Consulate in Rio Grande, the Portuguese Center and the Portuguese ethnicity in the municipality.
"More than celebrating 25 years, it is important to make this social, cultural and economic exchange," said the local culture secretary Ricardo Freitas. "We are just starting a project, this decoration will be in the next two months bringing the public a series of cultural activities, always linking with actions that refer to Portuguese culture and also our city. This is very important mainly to link with the Portuguese ethnicity. "


At Partage Shopping Rio Grande, from September to October, there will be various artistic presentations and leisure activities; and those who have strolled through its corridors have found that Brazilians designate it as "the attractive" Rua das Umbrinhas Coloridas ". It is "a corridor decorated in honor of the city of Águeda, known worldwide for its colorful umbrellas," reads on the website of the city of that Brazilian city. Shopkeepers decorated with umbrellas, awarding prizes to the three best umbrellas, and there was room for the presentation of live statues, interventions and artistic performances.
On the twinning with Águeda, the mayor of Rio Grande says on the same website that "these ties of affinities, which are preserved despite time, must be valued so that we can understand and cultivate our roots."

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