Risks cited by Centeno were fait-divers to distract from Tancos – Jornal Económico

“Interpret [a conferência de imprensa de Mário Centeno hoje] as an attempt to create a fait-divers, eventually to talk less about Tancos. I think Tancos is the elephant in the room and therefore it will be difficult to stop talking, but the less we talk, the better for the PS, ”said Joaquim Miranda Sarmento today, in an interview with Lusa, which will be released in full Wednesday. market.

PSD National Strategic Council for Public Finance spokesman admitted “that this may have been the case because the press conference ended up boasting a handful of nothing, with three perfectly flaky criticisms, with numbers thrown at the without any support from someone who is finance minister. ”

Regarding the first risk of economic growth, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento recalled that, after the PSD presented its economic program in July, Mário Centeno said that “the forecasts of economic growth of the PSD program seemed realistic”, criticizing, yes , the control of public expenditure.

“Apparently you have changed your mind. But I point out that the growth forecast for the PSD program for 2020 and 2021 is exactly the same as for the stability program, and only for 2022 and 2023 is it slightly higher, ”he said, adding that“ a difference of 0, 3 / 0.4 percentage points, less than GDP revision [Produto Interno Bruto] made by INE [Instituto Nacional de Estatística] last week".

Last week's INE improved its GDP growth rate by seven tenths from 2.8% to 3.5% in 2017, while revising its 2018 growth rate to three tenths to 2 tenths. , 4%.

Regarding the second risk pointed out by Mário Centeno, regarding tax revenue, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento told Lusa that, “from a nominal point of view, it is possible to collect revenue” predicted by the PSD, maintaining that the assumptions “are exactly the same as Public Finance Council ”.

“If we have a little more growth through our policies, through the measures we hope to take, especially in the first two years, the assumptions of this higher growth [do PIB] Translated into tax revenue are exactly those that the Public Finance Council uses. So then Minister Mário Centeno has no reason, ”he said.

Regarding the third point of criticism, regarding public spending, which Mário Centeno said this morning was missing 2.4 billion against the promises of the largest opposition party, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento said he did not know how Centeno “accounted for the PSD promises. "

“I see very few promises that impact on spending from a PSD point of view, but once again on the three main expenditure headings: staffing, benefits and interest, we used the assumptions of the Public Finance Council scenario” , he explained.

In an interview with Lusa, Joaquim Miranda Sarmento also said that "Minister Mário Centeno is very convinced" of the mistakes of the PSD, "but then he is not able to demonstrate them and is not able to counter them."

“He may find that we cannot control primary current expenditure at 2% per annum, as we propose and that is the key point of our program. [Mas] we have public service reform and ministry of finance reform measures that explain how we will make this effort, ”said the finance professor.

Minister Mário Centeno, as candidate for PS deputy, considered today that the PSD has 4,750 million euros to explain in his electoral program, adding that there are "materially impossible" proposals in the social-democratic scenario.

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