Roller hockey: Angola finishes 4th in Montreux

Roller hockey: Angola finishes 4th in Montreux

The Angolan national team of roller hockey won on Sunday the 4th place of the 68th edition of the Montreux International Tournament (Switzerland), losing to Italy by 1-7.

With Martin Payero's goal of honor, the national team still achieves a unique classification in the history of participation in this event, where it had to prepare the World Championship in July in Barcelona (Spain).

Saturday, in the semi-finals, Angola lost with Argentina 3-4. On the opening day they surprised the world champion, Spain, with a 4-3 victory, then losing to Portugal (2-4) and beating Switzerland 11-4.

Portugal, who won the semi-finals in Italy (3-2), face Argentina at 20:30 today, to the first position.

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